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2012_DCNR Volunteer Fire Assistance
Description:  Section 10(b)3 of the Cooperative Forestry Assistance Act of 1978, as amended by the Forest Stewardship Act of 1990, authorizes and directs the Secretary of Agriculture to provide financial and technical to state foresters in cooperative efforts to organize, train and equip local forces in rural areas or communities under 10,000 population to prevent, control and suppress fires which threaten human life, livestock, wildlife, crops, pastures, orchards, woodlands, farmsteads, or other improvements in rural areas. The key objectives of this program are to save lives and protect property in unprotected or inadequately protected rural areas. The selection of the participating agencies must be based on vulnerability and the adequacy of existing fire protection.

This is a cost-share program. Financial assistance on any project during any fiscal year cannot exceed 50% of the actual expenditures including expenditures of local, public and private nonprofit organizations participating in the agreement.

The maximum grant we will consider for the 2012 program is $7,500 per Fire Company.

Grants received for the 2012 program can be used for the purchase of wildfire suppression equipment, wildfire or structural protective gear, mobile or portable radios, installation of dry hydrants, wildfire prevention and mitigation, or wildfire training. Funds may also be used for certain projects involving the conversion and maintenance of federal excess vehicles received from the Bureau of Forestry and used for fire suppression. A priority will be placed on projects that include the purchase of wildland fire suppression equipment and wildland fire protective gear.

Grants received for the 2012 program cannot be used for the purchase of structural fire equipment, supply hose larger than 2½ inches in diameter, structures, routine maintenance of vehicles not received from the Bureau of Forestry, medical services, ambulance services, fire police equipment and gear, or search and rescue equipment and gear.

Due to high demand and limited funding there is a 5-year waiting period between years a fire company is eligible to receive a grant. However, if a fire company received a $4,000 grant or less in the last 5 years they are eligible for assistance one additional time as long as the 2 year total does not exceed the $7,500 maximum grant. This 2 in 5 years rule was made to further assist small VFD's that simply cannot afford a large match

All items approved for purchase under the 2012 VFA program must be purchased upon grant award to December 31, 2012.

Since planning is the key to the efficient and effective use of equipment, personnel and organization, priority will be given to fire companies which have established goals and objectives and have developed plans to meet them. 

This Grant Program is administered by: Bureau of Forestry

This Grant Program is funded by:  U.S. Department of Agriculture

Eligible applicants include:  Volunteer Fire Organization

Application period opened on February 13, 2012

Application period closed on May 17, 2012 at 4:00PM

Contact Name: Charles Choplick
Contact Phone: 717-772-0256
Contact E-mail: cchoplick@state.pa.us

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