Volunteer Fire Assistance (VFA) Grant Opportunities

Volunteer Fire Assistance (VFA) Grant

This grant provides financial and technical to State Foresters in cooperative efforts to organize, train and equip local forces in rural areas or communities under 10,000 population to prevent, control and suppress fires which threaten human life, livestock, wildlife, crops, pastures, orchards, woodlands, farmsteads, or other improvements in rural areas. The key objectives of this program are to save lives and protect property in unprotected or inadequately protected rural areas.

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 DCNR Grants Online Application Instructions

Volunteer Fire Assistance Pre-application Tasks:
  1. Obtain an  SAP Vendor Number.
  2. Review program guidelines.
  3. Ensure funds are available for entire project up front; VFD will be reimbursed for 50% (up to $10,000) upon completion of project.
  4. Ensure you have EXECUTIVE OFFICER (President, Vice-President, Secretary, or Treasurer) approval and contact information prior to completing application as this information must be entered in the Chief Elected Official section of the application. Applications not certified by a person holding one of these titles WILL NOT be accepted.
Project Types for Volunteer Fire Assistance:
  • Wildland Fire Protective Gear
  • Installation of Dry Hydrants
  • Conversion of Federal Excess Vehicle received from the Bureau of Forestry
  • Wildland Suppression Equipment
  • Communication Equipment
  • Wildfire Mitigation or Preventive Projects
  • Wildland Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)